My kids are loving it! They have so much fun, they don't want to leave! The staff are very friendly and my kids warmed to them quickly.

Kristee Mae Reynolds Sturgill

My daughter spent a few hours there on Valentine's day so my husband and I could see a movie together. First ever in 2.5 years.I was so anxious to go pick her up. This was her first time ever being in any daycare. I was greeted by a happy girl who had so much fun playing. She went potty there so I know she felt comfortable. I am so grateful for this place!

Rosalind Jenkins

The owner and staff are very kind and caring. I felt at ease leaving my 12 month old son in their care. I would definitely recommend Drop a Tot to my friends and family!

Brittana Brupbacher

So wonderful to have a safe place to take my daughter when the unexpected comes up! Everyone there has been great and it is very conveniently located and affordable.

Amanda Susan Tempero

I just picked up my kids and they had a fantastic time!! I had a fantastic time having a lunch date with hubby that included a movie!! Didn't feel rushed to get back and I love policies and security measures as well!! Kids asked to come back tomorrow!! They loved it!

Renee Main

I needed a sitter to be able to work and they helped. They had an awesome time.

Michelle Leonor B

Our 4 year old has an amazing time every time he goes. What a great addition to Bozeman!

Sydney Wemple

Drop A Tot has been so convenient and helpful. Thank you!

Amanda Budys

Kinda blows my mind that we live in a world where you can feel comfortable dropping your kids off with a complete stranger simply because they take payment for it. Blows my mind even more I’m one of those parents. They watched our kids and we didn’t have any issues. Would go again if I were in a bind. They only charge slightly more than my babysitters!

Philip Waters

I want to give 10 stars!!!! I LOVE this place and they love my foster boys who seemed to have been shunned at a different preschool. They were ecstatic to see them return and apparently have been talking about them in the meantime :) My boys seemed way more comfortable there as well as they were actually given a chance to adjust. The staff is great and the owner was very agreeable to contacting the state to see about getting a direct payment set up just to accommodate my boys.... could NOT be more pleased!

Ally Straus

I would absolutely recomend these guys if your babysitter cancels on you last minute like mine did. They are also just right down the street from where I work.

Shelbey Christman